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> Classifieds > > > Very Rare ATN170ML stylus for repair with fully working AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-ML150 MM cartridge body

FOR SALE: Very Rare ATN170ML stylus for repair with fully working AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-ML150 MM cartridge body

Item #649379559
Info: Very Rare ATN170ML stylus for repair with fully working AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-ML150 MM cartridge body

Asking Price:
Payment method: Paypal
Condition: N/A (?)
Date Posted: Sep 14, 18 7:07 (PST)
About Seller: chakster
Russian Federation
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Product Brand: Audio Technica
Product Model: ANT170ML
Feedback Received: 7  See details
100% Positive Feedback
External Feedback: djchak (344)
Days in System:63
Avg. Views/Day:1.07

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You can check my ebay ads as well, but the best price is always here on uk audio mart.

Original Stylus replacement ATN170ML for AT-ML170 cartridge is impossible to find, they are extremely rare and never turns up for sale!
I'm selling one of my spare (broken) ANT-170ML that you can send to qualified re-tipper in your area for repair.

All you need is a completely new cantilever with stylus tip of your choice. This is what people do with their MC cartridges often, no problem to do the same with the best vintage MM too. Many audiophiles reparing their Grace cartridges, but the AT-ML170 is much better cartridge and definitely worth the repair! I would advice Boron cantilever with the most advanced stylus tip such as MicroRidge, Van Den Hul, Fritz Gyger, Line Contact or Paratrace if you're looking for the best of the best. It is not a problem for any re-tipper to replace broken cantilever with a new one (with brand new stylus tip attached). The price for this job can be $300-750, depends on materials, simply ask Van Den Hul, Expert Stylus, NordWest Analogue, SoundSmith or any other reputable cartridge repair service. I believe it can be amazing cartridge, because the original AT-ML170 is superb! So you have the apportunity to buy original ATN-170 stylus replacement for rebuild. SoundSmith Ruby cantilever with Nude Contact Line stylus is only $250 in the USA!

We have a long thread on audiogon, i think it is not a problem if i will quote one of the fellow audiophile regarding Van Den Hul service of the AT-ML170:

"I had a long conversation with the VdH representative here in the US a few weeks ago and he explained that Mr VdH performs all the rebuilds himself and that he bought the last remaining supply of Boron tube. Whilst he did not go into details on the specific step by step approach of how he performs the rebuild, he did explain that a new boron tube cantilever, VdH natural diamond and new suspension would cost me $750 and assured me that Mr VdH does this work himself in his retirement. I was only passing on this information from a reputable agent of VdH it is not my assumption or opinion" -ateal

And what you should know about the generator:

The AT-ML170 generator is identical (electrically) to the AT-ML150 (see the specs in the manual, attached).
The difference is just the Cantilever/Stylus assembly - this is what makes AT-ML170 superior to the AT-ML150 and lower models.

The generator of this AT-ML150 is in perfect working condition, no problem to use it!
The gold surface on the cartridge body is not clean (check the images).

The ATN-170ML plastic stylus replacement frame is perfect, but the cantilever is broken as you can see on the images.
The damper/suspension was fine before the cantilever was broken.

I think this wonderful vintage MM cartridge is worth to repair, at least you will get brand new stylus and brand new cantilever.

The Audio-Technica AT-ML170 (made in 1988) is a neutrial cartridge used for monitoring master disc production by comparing test pressings to the master tape. This High-End moving magnet cartridge is on the same level as the venerable Technics EPC 100 mk4, but for a better price.

AT-ML17O Vector-Aligned Stereo Phono Cartridge:

Wide Range Vector-Aligned Vibration System and Improved Paratoroidal Signal Generating System featuring PCOFC Wire.

Vector-Aligned stereo phono cartridges feature an original design patented by Audio-Technica around the world. The key to this mechanism is the two magnetic generators arranged in the shape of a "V". These two magnets are positioned to exactly match the positions of the left and right channels in the stereo record groove. Major benefits of the Vector-Aligned cartridge include outstanding channel separation, very low distortion and superb tracing performance. As a final attention to detail, even the output terminals are constructed of PCOFC copper. This meticulous care and attention given to every minute detail in both the vibration and generator systems has resulted a significant improvement in the performance and sound quality. This superb cartridge offers audiophiles and other serious listeners added musical enjoyment. Incorporating the same essential merits as other Vector-Aligned models, the AT-ML170 also features three additional technological advances:

Gold-Plated BORON Cantilever (BROKEN). It’s tiny, gold-plated Boron Cantilever provides an extremely rigid yet lightweight platform to which the stylus is mounted. Interestingly, the gold plating acts to damp what little resonance the boron produces.

MicroLine Stylus (NOT INCLUDED). The stylus used is of the latest and most advanced design: Nude Square Shank Micro Line stylus more closely resembling the cutter stylus than any previous design, this shape produces better high frequency response with less wear or distortion than any previous design!

LCOFC Wire in the Generator. The latest technological advance is the utilization of a new, pure copper material in Audio-Technica's exclusive “Paratoroidal Signal Generator”. Together with the laminated core structure, which minimizes loss in the high frequency region, this integrated paratoroidal generator system operates at an efficiency significantly greater than conventional cartridges. The use of LCOFC wire perfects the performance of the advanced paratoroidal coil design. A special high-temperature extrusion die produces copper with virtually no transverse crystal barriers to impede signal transmission or color sound. Thus, the coils of the AT-ML170 transmit distortion-free sound in which even the most subtle details are reproduced with clarity and purity.

Furthermore, since the left and right channels in the generator system are separated by permalloy center shielding plate, the high level of channel separation achieved in the independent left and right dual magnet system is preserved at the output stage of generator. To further increase the accuracy of the AT-ML170’s moving system, Audio-Technica engineers have ensured against unwanted parasitic vibration with an anti-resonance ceramic mounting base.

The generator of the AT-ML170 is identical to the AT-ML150!

Frequency Response (Hz): 5 - 40,000
Vertical Tracking Force: 1.25 +/- 0.3
Tracking Ability (microns) at center value VTF: 90
Tracking Ability (microns) at upper value VTF: 100
Channel Separation (dB at 1kHz/10kHz): 31/21
Channel Balance (dB): 0.5
Output (mV at 1kHz), 5 cm/sec): 4
Vertical Tracking Angle: 20 degree
Stylus Shape: 0.1mm MicroLine
Stylus Construction: Nude Square Shank
Cantilever: Gold-plated BORON
Wire Uses For Coil: LCOFC
Recommended Load Impedance (ohms): 47,000
Recommended Load Capacitance (pF): 100 - 200
Dynamic Compliance @ 100Hz: 10.0
(* please note that Dynamic Compliance @10Hz will be around 18-20cu)
Static Compliance: 40.0
Cartridge Weight (grams) 7.0
Replacement Stylus: ATN170ML

AT-ML170 compete with top $$$$$ cartridges (MM or MC). You can find plenty of praise by searching on google or on forums like audiogon etc.

Another interesting article in the back issue of TAS (The Analog Sound, Issue 40) magazine called "Assessing the State-of-the-Art in Storage Media". In this, J. Tammblyn Henderson reports on a listening session comparing digital master tape, analogue master tape, direct-to-disc lacquer and the "live" mike feed; the report consists of a long conversation among J.Boyk, Keith Johnson, Doug Sax, and J. Tammblyn Henderson himself.

What cartridge could have the "lowest distortion of all," "uncanny" resolution, better than master tapes?

Kavi Alexander, auteur of the remarkable Water Lily Acoustics series of analogue vinyl discs, is monitoring disc production by comparing test pressings to the master tape. What cartridge is he using? Another moving magnet, this time the TECHNICS EPC 100 mk4. But he describes the AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-ML170 as very similar, and very close to the actual sound of the tape. In this comparison, he says, virtually no moving coil does so well; most have seriously apparent colorations.

The contrast between these views of moving magnet cartridges and usual audiophile opinion is striking. On the one hand, we have assurances of these leaders of the High-End recording industry that the best MOVING MAGNETS are very close to the master tape (or live mike feed, for direct to disc) and that they are capable of "uncanny" resolution. On the other hand, we have the prevailing perception, amounting almost to a shibboleth, of the High-End listening community, that only MOVIN COILS are realistic in some sense of that word and that moving magnets are incapable of sonic truth.

As ASP pointed out in TAS (Issue 70), the audiophile consumer and dealer community is massively arrayed against MOVING MAGNETS cartridges. But experimentation is interesting, and in this case inexpensive. If your audiophile friends give you a hard time, you'll certainly have a pat answer: you can say if it's good enough for Kavi Alexander, Jim Boyk, and Doug Sax, it's good enough for me. The AT-ML170 has tip resonance at 40 kHz, and hence response that extends to that frequency at least. Flanders again: "The ear can't hear as high as that. Still, it ought to please any passing bat." Seriously, though, such ultra-extension does seem to be associated to exceptional top end clarity.

Everyone is entitled to personal tastes, but truth is truth. If you want to hear something like the truth, I still say-no matter what everyone else is using-that you should buy a flat-top cartridge like the AT-ML170 and avoid all MC cartridges with a rising top-end. If the sound of live music is your goal, why would you want to hear sound which is not only untrue to its source but also is something you are "seldom conscious of live".

QUOTES from the Audiogon contributors:

"Today I received all the pieces of Audio Technica AT-ML170 LC-OFC. Body from Japan and NOS original stylus from elsewhere in USA. For first hour at 1.5g or so it is best tracker I've ever had, really clings. Will continue further run-in and evaluation. Thanks Raul!" - Siniy123

"Buying a used AT-ML170 was the best analog move I've ever done. Second best, buying a used DV 10xGoldL. Two reference carts that will blow away carts costing $$$$$ more." - Kiko65

"The 103Fl with the Paratrace stylus is my top MC. Better than my $3500 Benz Micro Ruby 3. Where it falls a little short, is when it gets compared with MM/MI's like my Signet TK10ML MK2, TK7CLa/155LC Sonus Dimension 5 or the AT ML170". - Don

"In my experience that AT ML-170 OCC is one of the must to have cartridges (MC or MM) along the 180 OCC." - Raul

"I also owned a AT ML-170 at one time this was one of the best ones I ever heard,near the Signet TK10.Anyway,just my take on these models." - Travbrow

"The AT 170 ML is fantastic at letting me hear, study, and analyze the tone of a particular instrumentalist on a recording; I can't think of any MC thatI have owned let me do that to the same degree." -Frogman



*** PAYMENT: I will invoice the buyer via PayPal, but i do not accept Euro, ONLY USD (i will use XE online currency converter for the actual currency rate on the date of purchace). Check my ebay feedbacks!

*** Declared value: just tell me the amount you want to be declared for custom control and i will do that.


Genuine ATN170ML stylus replacement with broken cantilever for repair, and perfectly working AT-ML150 OFC cartridge generator (identical to the AT-ML170 OFC generator).

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