US Audio Mart

Attention American Visitors! We've just launched a dedicated AudioMart in United States, US Audio Mart.

Come visit US Audio Mart and post your hifi classifieds there now!

Supporting our work

UK Audio Mart has helped tens of thousands of hobbyists exchange audio and hifi information and gear. The site is free for casual hobbyists, and if you wish to help support our efforts you may do so with a Premium User account.

Premium User

UK Audio Mart is free for all casual hobbyists and enthusiasts. Because we're still a growing site, ther are currently no posting limits for users. Users who would like to support UK Audio Mart can upgrade to a Premium Account.
You will be provided with:

  • Premium Ads:
    • You will have higher hourly and monthly posting limits to the classifieds.
    • All Premium Ads get posted in with other classifieds just like regular ads, but with a Premium icon.
  • Premium Forum label: You will be identified as a Premium user in our forums
  • Premium Icon:
    • A Premium Icon will be attached to your user name to identify you as a premium user on all your classified ads and profile.
Premium User
For £30GBP a year, you'll get:
  • Premium listings and icon Premium User
For multiple software listings,
  • 50 albums per day
  • 200 albums per month
  • 800 albums per year

Please note, the Premium User icon implies a long time, trusted user who supports the site, and we expect that you uphold a high level of professionalism and conduct.

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Ad-free Subscription

UK Audio Mart is supported by banner advertising which helps pay for the upkeep, maintenance, and improvements on the site. However, we understand some users prefer to surf the site without ads. You can now do this with our Ad-Free subscription which removes all banner ads from the site. Mobile users especially will benefit from significantly improved load times.

For only £15 GBP a year, you'll get:
  • Remove all banner ads for 1 year
  • Faster page loads

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